Phones (IOS and Android devices)

The wide use of mobile devices and the rapid development of their Operating Systems along with the exponentially growing third-party apps continue to challenge the forensic community. What happens to deleted text messages, or how pictures might change as they get sent from one device to another are common questions that our team can answer.


Deleted texts

There are times when we need that text message back after it has been deleted. Or the message was deleted on purpose by the individual to cover their tracks. Whatever the case, contact us about we can help. Text messages reside in a database until the deleted message gets overwritten by a new message. As long as it has not been overwritten, it is recoverable. 

 Picture authentication

Pictures are worth a thousand words... especially today. The cameras on smart phones record dates and times, the device the photo was taken on, geolocation information as well as other
data. The file name given by the device also helps in determining the source of the file. This data is often stored inside the picture itself. Looking for anomalies helps the investigator determine if the picture is authentic.



Audio Authentication

Not unlike its visual counterpart, audio files recorded on smart phones store a lot of information inside the audio file itself. If the file is edited, footprints will be left behind even if the device the recording was made on is not available for forensic examination. 
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