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Alan Risen

Dex Forensics is able to analyze detailed and complicated forensic evidence and explain it so that their clients not only will understand it, but will be able to respond to it, and where necessary, challenge it in court. Dex Forensics also writes impressive reports, that I have been happy to file in support of my case. In short, they are bright, personable, helpful, and have all the attributes a lawyer can look for in an expert witness. I have no hesitation in giving them highest recommendation.

Axis Geffen

I have utilized Dex Forensics’ services on numerous occasions to recover deleted documents, email, and media, as well as to establish timelines and provide evidence for use in both criminal and civil court matters. They have even conducted these forensic investigations in situations where the laptop, smartphone or computer had been physically damaged and was otherwise limited in function. I highly recommend their services to anyone that needs solid, honest and accurate analysis and reporting from a genuine third party digital forensic expert. I will continue to use their services wherever and whenever the need arises.

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Brian Weingarten

As part of the expert team, Dex Forensics quickly responded to all defence requests, and conducted an exhaustive forensic analysis of the evidence. Importantly, the opinions and conclusions were presented in an unbiased, and non-technical manner that was understandable both to counsel and to the Court. I have no hesitation recommending Dex Forensics to any of my colleagues who require expert forensic services.

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Nick StPierre

Dec Forensics put their skill sets to work to allow me to understand the Crown’s expert report, determine and assess avenues available for the defence. They prepared an an expert report, assisted me in court and helped answer questions as they arose during trial.

Without a doubt, I can confidently recommend Dex Forensics as computer forensic experts.

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Lou DiLorenzo

It is without a  doubt that when I met Dex Forensics I was impressed with their ability to recognize that they had a niche service that was not common place...
Their ability to comfort my clients in using their services was and is a wealth of credibility for me and my company as we engaged in an assignment of severe sensitivity it became all too surreal how they were able to compliment our client with professionalism and a product that held up in a court room scenario...no issues and no challenges gives me the comfort to refer and use their services time after time!